Before You Buy The Tufted Sleigh Bed

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Macy’s Tufted Sleigh Bed

Before you end up making the bed purchase that you regret, take a little bit of your time to understand each bed style, including the tufted sleigh bed. Even the single addition of the tufted headboard can make a great difference. It can help to create the overall theme. It can also help to achieve the style that is aimed or the personality of the users’.

What is the tufted sleigh bed? It is the popular sleigh bed with tufted headboard. The tufted headboard is the headboard which is upholstered. Like other types of furniture which is upholstered, this headboard is covered with fabric. Underneath the fabric of your choice, there is the dense layer of foam that serves as padding. For the back support as well as the stability, usually there is a wooden frame.

To secure the fabric all the way through the back support, usually there are buttons pressed into the fabric. To make the tufted sleigh bed more beautiful, usually the buttons are created into lines. These buttons will then create deep lines, densely padded areas as well as depressions. Different button patters will create different shapes of padded areas.

The buttons, or sometimes studs, are pushed at the strategic intervals to the headboard of the tufted sleigh bed. As the buttons pushed firmly through layers of fabric and padding, it creates certain raised portions on the surface. Most of these buttons intervals were created into diamond shapes, however sometimes this style can be a bit too old fashion for some people, but in general, the tufted beds are growing in popularity.

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The reasons why tufted sleigh bed is more popular than before are because the different fabric will be perfect to create the atmosphere that you want. Imagine that you want a glamorous bedroom with velvety purple here and there and as the focal point of the room, the bed can also be installed with velvety purple, the room will be perfect. Or maybe you simply want to have the room with Marilyn Monroe theme, and then simply choose the fabric with her face on it. There are different shapes of headboard shapes and all of those can be upholstered. Only the level of difficulty between each shape is different. There are the tufted headboards with curved top, there are the ones with high arch, and there are the square tufted ones. For the tufting, beside the diamond tufting, there is also the square tufting.

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