Beauty Of Wide Plank Flooring

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Wide Plank Flooring In Dark Color

Wide plank flooring – In terms of functionality, homes today are much better than what our ancestors lived. For beauty of shear however, houses of yesteryear win hands down, at least in my opinion. One way you can add character of older homes is your home today by adding flooring wide plank. Flooring wide plank is anything with a width of five inches or more. Widths up to 16 “are commonly available.

Wide floor boards are available in many types of wood. Many people like hardwoods because of its durability and resistance. Wide plank flooring can also be made from reclaimed wood. Some companies even offer floors made of reclaimed chestnut wood. Chestnut trees were once very common in eastern United States, to chestnut blight to United States accidentally introduced and all but exterminated them.

Give wide plank flooring same care you would any other wooden floor to make it look beautiful. Clean your floor often. With cleaner broom or vacuum. Place floor mats at entry points. Clean up spilled liquids immediately. Occasionally wipe floor with a good wood cleaner such as Murphy Oil Soap. With proper care, wide plank flooring should last a long time. It may still be in great shape when their grandchildren are homeowners.

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