Beautiful Soft Natural Oak Wood Flooring

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Ideas Oak Wood Flooring

Oak wood flooring – Oak floors can be finished with a beautiful antique oil. Yes indeed, they look pretty cool looking!  Oak flooring in Abbey versions can also be very simple natural oiled. Great floors that can be combined well in most diverse interiors. Beautiful soft natural tones that again!

Oak wood flooring is nowadays pretty much from Eastern Europe. Previously, they almost exclusively came from France between these two species of oak does not really make much difference. Eastern European oak flooring is a fraction harder and have themselves a darker appearance, they look pretty snappy with sometimes almost black knots, while French oak floors more civilized eyes, they are lighter in color and are about it like that to name a few elegant.  It is of course true that flooring of this type of oak that are finished with oil have their own appearance, as are European oak flooring basically suitable to work with blacks, while French oak floors often with a white or gray oil are processed, but here again ….. Tastes differ.

Oak wood flooring have a great look and oak floors are also once very easy to maintain. Especially oil lends itself well to all kinds of oak flooring, shades enough. So you can edit your own ideas oak floor. Establish itself also happens quite often, you have two right hands then you can well on job itself.

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