Beautiful Douglas Fir Flooring

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Clear Douglas Fir Flooring

Douglas fir flooring is a product of floor light colored wood that is installed in strips. It is considered soft and installed in same way as any other solid wood floor, with one exception: Consummate is different. Do it yourself with little or no experience can install a Douglas fir floor in one or two days, depending on size and scope of project.

Terraces made of Douglas fir flooring are perhaps best known and desired. Douglas fir timbers have a corrugated surface, with care and treatment necessary, can last up to 20 years maintaining a very natural look. Douglas fir is commonly used in covered porch because it is easy to work with and relatively inexpensive. To porch terraces, wood is ground, as with other types of covers, so that joints fit together by tongue and groove fittings along sides. It is important that you acclimatize and paint together like tongue and groove boards are generally not weather during milling process.

Wood boring beetles are small beetles whose taste for wood can leave their beautiful Douglas fir flooring looking like Swiss cheese. They may be within joints, slowly eating away until they mature and emerge through small holes chewing on wood surface. In beginning, damage is simply visual. Over time, however, beetles can weaken floorboards significantly, leading to low eventual failure and expensive replacement. If you caught early, it can kill beetles, while saving wood by using a careful application of insecticide to kill effectively in most cases.

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