orange table lamp australia

Be Creative with Orange Table Lamp

Orange color is believed to break the ice and create a sense of familiarity. In the human brain, orange is able to stimulate creativity and inventiveness, so this color is properly used in the work space for those who work in the world of design and art. Because of this nature, the color orange is often applied to a table lamp that serves as the lighting in your work space. Here are some examples of the design of the orange table lamp that you can have.

Insenso Luca table lamp

The first is orange Insenso Luca table lamp with black line. As the name suggests, this table lamp has a black strip orange color. This orange table lamp has the modern elegant shape, very suitable for decor in your modern minimalist home. Orange color combined with black line will give the impression of bubbly in your room. This lamp is priced at $ 19.9.

Fillsta IKEA table lamp

Next is the FILLSTA IKEA table lamp. The orange table lamp in this type is capable of providing a soft light atmosphere. The lamp that is designed by Gunner Jensen has the size, diameter of 27 cm and height of 31 cm, with cable length of 140 cm. This lamp is made of polycarbonate plastic with feet of aluminum.