Be Bold With Unique Baby Cribs

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Unique Baby Boy Crib Bedding

Most parents would go with the traditional kind of cribs for their baby, but you can step out there and be bold by going with unique baby cribs. They are not commonly found and can be a statement piece for your nursery. It is especially great for those of you who are creative and eccentric. Parenthood does not have to be boring.

The first baby crib in the list of unique baby cribs is the custom Jaws crib. Half of the crib is shaped like a boat while the other end of the crib is shaped like the face and mouth of a shark. This kind of crib gives a sense of humor and is great for those who are a fan of the Jaws movie or simply of sharks. The second one is the pumpkin crib. It is very much shaped like the pumpkin carriage in Cinderella. There is no doubt that this crib will make a statement. It also looks luxurious for your baby.

If you are loaded with cash, you may want to go with the Dodo Bassinet in Solid Gold. It is entirely made of 24-carat of solid gold and looks more like a piece of art than unique baby cribs. You may not be able to use this crib for your child for long because of how small it is. It also does not provide space for your baby to move around.

You can go futuristic and achieve a cool aesthetic for your nursery by going for unique baby cribs that are ergonomic and playful. Some of them are available in a range of colors so it is great for those of you who are looking to have a colorful nursery. Make sure your purchase of fun baby cribs or unusual cribs does not mean you are sacrificing comfort.

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