Basement Window Treatments With Huge Impact

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Daylight Basement Window Treatments

It is paying basement window treatments with the proper treatment? Although basement windows are small, you can have a huge impact in a finished basement, so it is brighter and more enjoyable. Here are some simple suggestions window treatment but effective for finished basement.

One of its objectives when designing basement window treatments a finished basement is to create an illusion: You want the windows appear larger than actually are. When window treatments are too dark or heavy for small basement windows, the windows seem overwhelmed and out of scale. On other hand, little cafe curtains that only cover the window in small size more attention to be paid. Instead, choose window treatments that will make all the clearer and broader space finished basement appearance.

Placement of window treatments can also affect the visual appearance of the space. By letting curtain panels hanging beyond the width and length of the actual window, which will make a window look taller or wider. They can be used alone or combined with a valance to create a look that complements your d├ęcor.

Similarly, placement of a valance can make a window looks higher, if placed above the window frame, or wider, if the ends of the rod extend beyond the frame width. Vertical blinds can make a window look taller, while horizontal blinds can be used to extend the visual width and blinds that give many privacy options and light control of basement window treatments.

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