Basement Window Curtains Style

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Simple Basement Window Curtains

Basement window curtains – You should not think of this as a curse on your basement, but rather a design challenge to work around. With meticulous strategies, you can make your basement windows seem larger than it actually is and let in maximum light. Windows allow natural light to filter into your basement. In some cases, your existing windows give you enough light to make the space feel comfortable. Adding windows to the basement is an option, depending on how high your basement walls extend above ground level.

One swag window treatment is a piece of cloth usually twice as long as the length of the window that drapes around the curtain rod, hanging in soft dips around the window. Generally, with basement, you do not want to choose basement window curtains with dark colors can make the space feel boxed in. But ignoring this rule with swag window treatments since the swag drapes around the window. Hang bundle inches above the windows to give it an elongated effect. The dark color of the bundle will be countered incoming light from the window, making it appear more abundant.

Nowadays, a number of manufacturer’s abundance that makes beaded basement window curtains, and you really have your choice of colors. For your basement choose beaded curtains that have clear glass beads that filter the light while adding some dazzle and sparkle to the room.

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