Baby Crib Bumpers Could Be Dangerous For Your Baby

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Baby Crib Bumpers And Safety

According to the new guidelines that American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released, baby crib bumpers should not be used in the baby’s crib. It is the first time ever that the AAP has gone against the use of bumpers and apparently the guidelines were related to safe sleep and also SIDS prevention for the baby. You may have used them for your baby because you believe that it will protect them against injuries, but according to the AAP there is actually no proof of it. Instead, the bumpers carry risk of entrapment, suffocation, and strangulation for your baby because at their age they do not yet have the motoric skills and strength necessary to turn their heads if they roll their body into something that stops their breathing.

The last time AAP made a policy statement regarding sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), they were still recommending the used of bumpers as long as they were firm, thin, and not resembling a pillow. However, recent studies have proven that baby crib bumpers are more dangerous than they thought before, hence their decision to remove it in their new guidelines.

Since the landmark guidelines were released by AAP in 1992 that all babies should sleep on their backs, deaths caused by SIDS have initially decreased significantly. Asphyxia, suffocation, and entrapment are three sleep-related deaths that have concurrently increased with SIDS. This is also probably the reason behind the banning of baby crib bumpers.

As the bumper pads in cribs safety is doubted, you may want to skip it in your purchase of baby crib bedding. Instead of relying on baby crib bumpers for safety, you may want to buy a crib that promotes safety already. These cribs are the ones that have the JPMA certification. Last but not least, thinking about the safety of your kids should be your first and foremost priority.

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