Awesome Country Window Treatments

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Best Country Window Treatments

Country window treatments – You do not have to be a seamstress to create interesting and valances curtains for the windows. Window treatments are simple, seamless projects that produce professional results. Creative use of standard household items such as sheets and sewing techniques such as union Free provides all the details in the artistic treatment stitched without all the effort.

Country window treatments dress up a sheet with a blanket binding to create a tent with a rustic style. Cream flat sheet top edge with sliced open on each short side is a normal store with a pocket that slides over the curtain rod. Binding with a weave pattern, such as colorful flowers, Manta provides a decorative trim. Fabric glue ensures the connection of the lower and side edges of the curtain by a burst of color. A game is also useful for binding trim along the pocket and, as tieback.

Country window treatments combine rich fabrics and creative draping techniques to make an elegant valance hanging at the top of the window without obstructing the view. A curtain rod decorative gold or silver is a basis for creating fantasy. A long piece of semi-transparent striped cloth, such as lilac and cream striped organza adds subtle contrast when wrapped around the shaft.

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