Attractive Window Treatments For French Doors

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Modern Window Treatments For French Doors

Window treatments for French doors – French doors are designed to look like tall, decorative windows, but they are actually intended to work like door operation. When adding window treatments to your doors, do not forget that the doors themselves should have plenty of room to swing inward or outward. Check out some of the practical window treatment options for French doors, and decorate the interior of your home with styles that are both functional and attractive.

Mini wooden blinds, aluminum or vinyl ensure privacy without sacrificing functionality of window treatments for French doors. Vinyl is a good choice in kitchens and bathrooms where high humidity can be a factor. Mini blinds are available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, so you can find something that matches the rest of your interior.

Placing thin columns across the top and bottom of each French door use them to hold the vertical panels of fabric in place. Gather the fabric together at the center of each panel to create an hourglass shape and hold the processing window in place with a cuff or a decorative ribbon. When using fabric, there is no limit to the color; pattern and texture you choose for your window treatments for French doors.

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