Art Deco Chandelier: Look Elegant For Interior Home

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Art Deco Chandelier Ideas

Art deco chandelier – A foyer chandelier is one of the first home jewelry that you and your guests will encounter when you enter your home. Use it to make a statement, indicate what style decor rest of the home will feature and create ambient and task lighting in the foyer area. If you have a two-story lobby with a window, center chandelier in the window so that it can be seen from the street. If your foyer is single-story, center chandelier door. A symmetrical interior creates harmony, especially in the traditional interiors.

Art deco chandelier come in all shapes and sizes and it is important to choose one that will have an impact in the foyer without overwhelming, especially if the chandelier has many bulbs. The bottom of the chandelier should not be less than 7 feet from the ground. Add length and width of floor space along (in feet), and use this measurement as your guide (in inches) for the chandelier diameter.

Clear crystal art deco chandelier may look elegant, but you can also introduce color, either through colored crystal or colored shades. Choose a color that ties into your decor, or choose contrasting colors to make a statement. Contrast outer color of the shadow by lining for an elegant effect. A gold lining makes it easy to feel hot, and can add depth and sparkle.

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