Apply Halloween Wall Decals

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Halloween Wall Decals Picture

Apply Halloween Wall Decals – Applying Halloween wall decals is relatively simple. Just a tip; please make sure you have enough time to perform this task. This kind of job requires you to be careful and your movements slow to get perfect results. The surface where the decal is to be applied should be clean and dry.

You can mark a few lines on the surface to attach the Halloween wall decals exactly at the point you want. Take up the wall decal from the tube and place it on a table. Now that you have transportation cover side up, on a soft cloth over the cover to ensure that it adheres well on the sticker. Take about 5cm from the protective cover and fold it down. Position and glue the exposed portion of the transportation cover to start the application. You can reinforce the attachment by applying lightly adhesive tape (masking tape).

While removing the cover, slowly squeezing a soft cloth on the Halloween wall decals with light movements from the center towards the ends. When you remove the protective cover please make sure that there are no pieces of vinyl left on the cover. When you remove the protective cover is the only one that is stuck on the wall to be decal. Now, before you remove the transportation cover once again brings a soft cloth over the image. This will make so that it adheres properly to the wall. Start at one end and remove the transportation cover parallel to the surface. Be careful not to label is removed from the cover. If the decals are attached to the cover, go back a bit and push the sticker there again.

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