Antler Chandelier With Crystals Modern

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Antler Chandelier Crystals

The antler chandeliers are often regarded as the crown jewel of rustic decor, which accompanies the horn art and furniture in a rustic cabin or cottage. They can also be found in high end boutiques, hotels, restaurants and resorts worldwide. This article has been made to give the reader information about the history, construction, and use of the magnificent examples of the art of nature.

Antler chandeliers have been used throughout history. The materials are a natural byproduct of animals hunted for food, and used to make tools, weapons, and for jewelry and ceremonial purposes. One of the earliest recorded uses of the horn is located in the ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine, where they are ground and used in tonics to treat various diseases.

During the Roman period, the horns are used for decorative and practical purposes, such as loop fasteners. In the Middle Ages period buttons and beads appeared in Europe. By using the wax, there came the need for candle holders, and horns are used for that purpose as well.

Before long, hands hanging candelabras candle holder causes. Antler chandeliers this is based on the modern early candelabras. From the beginning of the Iron Age to the middle Ages, some things made of horns include practical items such as needles, buckles, fasteners, and a comb. Many existing today comes from the 9th century to the 11th, and is often found in Viking settlement.

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