Amazing White Table Lamp

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White Table Lamp Base

White table lamp is also often used as an option by the occupants of the house to decorate rooms in the house. Normally, they put it in the work room or living room because of the white color will give the effect of glare when used in the bedroom. However, if you want to use a table lamp in white color in your bedroom, you can reduce the effects of glare by using the house lamp in white milk or textured house lamp. Here are a few designs that you can choose.

Insenso Table Lamp

The first is the Insenso table lamp. It has an elegant shape with a pattern of undulating strips, very artistic and luxurious as the interior decoration of your home. White color design will give a soft impression when combined with the artistic wavy black strips. Obviously, this white table lamp will enhance your home interior. This lamp is priced at $ 20.

Fryebo Table Lamp

The next is Fryebo lamp. This is a flexible white table lamp. You can direct the light as needed for the lamp head can be adjusted. For example, you want to direct the light to the book you are reading. You only need to set it to public light and rotate the lamp head to a certain point. This lamp is priced at $ 39.9.

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