3 Simple Ways To Unclog Your Kitchen Sink Drain

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Kitchen Sink Drains Slow

It is just right to say that a kitchen sink gets a lot of abuse since it’s used for food preparation up to regular dish washing tasks that people do daily. This causes the kitchen sink drain to clog and cause inconvenience once you need to use it. It will be a great help for you to know how to fix this problem.

There are times that cooking accidents may happen and may lead to clogging like food falling down to the drain. If you are among the homeowners who have problems with clogged kitchen sink drain, the following are the solutions that you can have right at home to solve this problem.

First, you can place one cup baking soda on the sink then same amount of vinegar on the rain. Just let this mixture sit on the drain for a while and let it react with each other. Being two items with different chemical components, they will react with each other to clear your sink drain. You will know that it’s reacting when it starts to form bubbles. This reaction will help loosen the wastes that may have accumulated on the pipes. After you letting them react for a while, you now need to rinse it by pouring hot water. Aside from just rinsing it, hot water also has the ability to loosen these wastes so you are using two tools in one procedure. Do the entire procedure if your kitchen sink drain is still clogged.

Second, you can use a long thin brush, which you can obtain from stores, to clean your pipe. On this procedure, you have to remove the strainer or basket strainer first and then plunge the brush on the kitchen sink drain pipe to its limits. This will help to clean not only the pipe walls but also bring out the junk from the pipe that cause clogging.

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Finally, you can use pressure to remove the clog. You can do it manually by forming your hand like a cup then push against the drain. It will serve like plunger to push the food particle down. But if this will not work for you, you can use a real plunger on the drain.

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