3 Popular Baby Girl Room Themes To Steal

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Baby Girl Baby Room Themes

Before starting a project of decorating your baby girl’s room, you and your spouse should have decided about what baby girl room themes to be used. Unlike baby boy who has limited theme to go, baby girl will come in uncountable theme to choose from. Forget the old thought saying that girl is only identical with some colors like pink and white or some certain themes such as princess either. These days, the choices are limitless and it will be your job to find the best one! This post will share you some.

Animal theme should be added at the top of the list when it comes to talk about baby girl nursery. Choose the best animals that show about somewhat girly side such as butterfly, owl, zebra, and also giraffe. If you are interested in this, you might start sticking wallpaper or wall decals that come with the animal prints and then adding some completers to give a wow look. Also, play with the color will be able to show your baby girl room themes looks attractive.

Another popular theme comes from cartoon characters. You can paint the room of your baby girl with some characters such as princess-like, hello kitty, frozen, Tinkerbelle, as well as chipmunk and Lillo and stitch. Like the first idea, in having these baby girl room themes, you might install wallpaper or you can cover the bedding with some colorful bedcovers. For example, a sweet hello kitty nursery theme can be dressed with a set of hello-kitty printed bed covers, hello-kitty doll, rugs, and wallpaper in the same prints too. Go with the latest popular theme so that your nursery looks updated.

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Last, you can use some flowers and also insect life as a perfect combination. Add flower decals next to bedding so that it seems like becoming a shade there. Make sure that the installed wall decals will blend well with other furniture. For example, if you go with purple flower as the theme, then the best color to blend it well will be white. You can take all white furniture as well as white colored decors to make the baby girl room themes looks alive.

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